Wendy Haus Hanevold Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Individual Adults, Midlife and Beyond

As we enter the second half of our lives, we have to redefine our identity and self worth as our inner and outer worlds are transformed by change, trials and the tests of time and loss. This challenge is deepened when we have had a tough or traumatic childhood.

My therapy work with adults provides a sanctuary space to help them explore their Attachment History, revise their relationships and connections to the key people in their lives, and move forward to the next chapter. I believe in the power of human beings to find healing within themselves when they are offered a refuge of acceptance, understanding, and empathy in combination with practice and action.

Silver Winged BridgeSM Program

This program is designed for Adults Midlife and Beyond who need therapy and coaching to get back on track and create the next chapter of their lives. It is especially intended for adults...

  • Who are in a crisis state after life changes* turn their lives inside out and upside down. *Death, Finances, Career Derailments, Retirement, Illness ,Disability, Divorce
  • Who fear they are losing the place of balance love and support they created in spite of tough beginnings They were fine, and then—at midlife or beyond—life happens.
  • Who are caregivers to family members. Especially for caregivers who are caring for people with whom they have a love/hate relationship, connected to a history of attachment injuries, abuse , or complex trauma.
  • Who are estranged/cutoff from Adult Children or other family members.
  • Who are stressed when family circles are redrawn following remarriage or re-partnering at midlife or beyond.


  • Attachment Centered
  • Narrative Based
  • ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Focused)
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