Wendy Haus Hanevold Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Attachment Focused Family Therapy is designed to deepen connections, create security, share our stories and reimagine our futures together. Family Therapy provides us the opportunity to build or rebuild secure attachments, create solutions together, or to even let go of what cannot be.

Families of Creation are made up of the people we choose to have in the connected circles of our adult lives. Families of Origin are made up of the people from our childhood and genetics. Members from both the Family of Creation and Family of Origin may be included in therapy sessions. Family members may be included in the therapy room, in person via technology or in memory.

Therapy, Consultation and Coaching

My family therapy and coaching are designed for families dealing with...

  • Problems with adult children and extended family members
  • Adults who are part of the adoption triad—Adoptees, Adoptive Families, Birth Parents
  • Search and Reunion Narratives
  • Challenges linked to grief, loss, illness and chronic pain
  • Concerns connected to caregiver roles
  • Navigating estrangments/cut-offs
  • Rebalancing families when adults marry new partners in midlife or beyond

My family work includes...

  • Attachment Focused Therapy and Coaching (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy)
  • Family Counseling (Emotionally Focused, Attachment Focused, Systemic, Solution Focused)
  • Family Meetings to help heal estrangements and cut-offs
  • Family Unity Meetings to help families consult together to discover solutions to caregiving challenges
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