Wendy Haus Hanevold Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Treatment Philosophy

I believe that every human being is a jewel of inestimable value. I believe we are all members of families of Origin and Families of Creation and Communities. Families of Creation are built by choice, love and friendship and genetics. Our families of creations include circles of partners, children, parents, friends and siblings. Families of origin are given to us by birth, adoption or fostering.

I believe in the power of couples and families woven together through caring, courage, commitment and connection. I believe in the strength of families. My goal is to guide families and couples to bloom where they are planted.

I believe that the therapist is a catalyst for change. I trust in an attachment centered, trauma informed, narrative based solution oriented and systemic perspective. I have faith in the sanctuary of the therapy connection in combination with the power of self knowledge and our stories to guide us to enlightenment and change.

I believe we can create secure and loving families (of genetics and the heart) even if we come from complex beginnings

I believe in the ability of couples to build and rebuild secure and loving bonds. I believe in the power of couples to help each other heal past traumas together.

I know that adults, need to understand their own attachment and developmental history. We need to re -remember and retell our childhood stories as our adult selves. As we witness and explore our life narratives, we gain in understanding. We recognize our assumptions and limiting beliefs. We can gain the freedom to choose who we want to be for the next stage of our life. My role is to be a catalyst to create a sanctuary space to take risks and welcome positive alternative aspects of ourselves into the rest of our lives.

I believe that the family is a special kind of community in which each member has rights and responsibilities. I know that parents are the key to healing the complex trauma and attachment disorders of their children. I believe in the ability of parents to become members of successful parenting teams. I believe in the power of families, children, teens youth and parents to help move to a path of secure connections, hope and new beginnings.

We will all grow and heal together.

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